Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Danze Fairmont Faucets Push the Boundaries of Traditional Design

If you're looking to add a touch of the traditional to your kitchen or bathroom, but are unimpressed by the ornate designs of Danze's Opulence Collection, then Danze Fairmont Faucets are probably your perfect match. Their soft simplicity provides a stylish alternative to the often fancified designs of many traditional faucets.

Danze D455040 Fairmont Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet The Fairmont Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet (D455040) offers a charming lever-style single handle as well as all the benefits of a three function pull-out spout. Now compliant with California and Vermont lead-free requirements, this faucet is available in either Chrome or Stainless Steel finish.

Danze D216540 Fairmont Single Handle Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucet This Single Handle Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucet (D216540) showcases the tapered spout and clean curves that are signatures of the Fairmont collection. The mere fact that this faucet comes in wall-mount form goes to show that Danze is not afriad to push the limits of bathroom design. Here they are taking a style that is traditional in form and updating it (seamlessly, one might add) for contemporary application.

The Fairmont Collection also offers a number of similarly styled tub faucets, showerheads, and accessories for the bathroom. Each piece puts a stylish spin on an otherwise traditional form, proving that you don't have to be flashy to be fancy. Remember, as always, all Danze faucets are covered by Danze's limited lifetime warranty, and you can use coupon code SAVEDANZE for 15% off any Danze purchase made at Need Plumbing Supplies.

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