Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Kohler Toilet Seats Do What Now?!?!?"

Kohler K-4737 C3 -125 Elongated Bowl Toilet Seat With Bidet Functionality Bidet Functionality, Warm Air Dryer, Deodorizer, Heated Seat, Quiet-Close & Quick-Release: those are just some of the built in features of the Kohler C3 Toilet Seat. Truth be told, there are too many features to cover them all in one post. Suffice it to say that these toilet seats are some of, if not the most high-tech bathroom accessories on the market. Watch the video below and click on the image above for more information on these technological wonders.

Click here to see the Remote Controlled Kohler C3-200 Toilet Seat

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  1. Great post! I have a home blog that your new plumbing fixtures would be an interest to! Do you do guest blogs? I did a post on that new electrolux washer that hangs on the wall! Let me know, thnx!

    Ronique Gibson


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