Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Delta Victorian Shower Faucet With H20kinetic Technology

Delta T18T255 Victorian Thermostatic Jetted Shower System Delta's Victorian Faucet Collection uses soft curves to create timeless shower faucets designed with an old world charm. The T18T255 Victorian Thermostatic Jetted Shower System shown above takes this classical appeal and brings it to new and innovative levels of luxury and comfort.

With two rotatable spray jets powered by Delta's patented H20kinetic Technology you will experience a spa-like shower the likes of which you've never felt before. H2Okinetic Technology uses large water droplets to retain heat and create a warm, luxurious spray that blankets the entire body.

Other benefits of this shower system include separate temperature and volume controls for added personalization, and a Touch Clean showerhead that allows you to wipe away calcium and lime build-up with just the touch of a finger.

Click the image above for more details on this Delta shower system, and watch the video below to preview H20kinetic Technology.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How To Repair Shower Controls

In this video from eHow James Drew of JNC Home Repairs walks us through the ins and outs of shower control replacement.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Moen Envi Showerhead Delivers High Powered Eco-Performance

Moen 6350 Envi Infinite 8 Moen Envi Showerheads not only possess three times more spray power than most rainshowers, but believe it or not, they also meet EPA WaterSense criteria to conserve water without sacrificing performance. Available in either Chrome or Brushed Nickel finish, these eco-performance showerheads insure that you get the kind of shower experience you're looking for, while saving both money and natural resources. Click the image above and watch the video below for more information.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Danze Fairmont Pot Filler Faucets: The Only Truly Traditional Option

When it comes to choosing a pot filler faucet, your style options are usually quite limited. Of course there are a great deal of wall-mount and deck-mount pot fillers out there, but most have a minimalist, contemporary--if not outright industrial--design appeal. It seems that the designers of Danze Faucets are the only ones who have taken vintage kitchen design into account when crafting their pot fillers faucets.

Danze D205040 Fairmont Wall-Mount Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet Danze Fairmont Pot Filler Kitchen Faucets are available for either wall-mount (above) or deck-mount (below) installation. And don't be fooled by their traditional flair; these faucets sacrifice absolutely nothing in terms of modern performance. Not only do both faucets have an expansive reach of approximately 21 inches, but each also comes with two warranty-covered valves that provide smooth turning action and a lifetime of drip-free service. Five finish options are available: Chrome (shown here), Distressed Bronze, Distressed Nickel, Oil Rub Bronze, and Stainless Steel.

Danze D206540 Fairmont Deck Mount Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet
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and here to see more Danze Fairmont Faucets.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Delta Grail Kitchen Faucet Enriches Minimalist Design Trends

Delta 185LF Grail Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Inspired by contemporary design and the feel of urban space, the Delta 185LF Grail Single Handle Kitchen Faucet strikes the perfect balance between form and function, and with multiple options, minimalist design has never felt so rich. A 360 degree swivel spout delivers added convenience to your kitchen sink, while a single handle lever provides ease of control and extra modern appeal.

Click the image above for a closer look.
Click here for more Delta Grail Faucets & Accessories

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Franke Regatta Triple Bowl Sinks = (Functionality + Durability) x 3

Franke RXX-170 Regatta Undermount Stainless Steel Triple Bowl Kitchen Sink The Franke RXX-170 Regatta Undermount Stainless Steel Triple Bowl Kitchen Sink is ideal for large, heavily trafficked home kitchens. Triple Bowl design maximizes sink accessibility, freeing up space for multiple simultaneous food prep and rinsing applications.

Enhanced by the unique Franke integral shelf, the RXX-170 supports an optional drain grid that increases the larger bowl's overall utility. Meanwhile, 18 Gauge stainless steel construction provides the sort of long lasting reliability that big families rely on.

Click the image above for more details. Click here to see more Franke Regatta Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How To Remove A Kitchen Faucet

Here's one that should be most helpful for all of you novice DIY kitchen remodelers out there. In this video Tim Gipson from eHow walks us through the removal of an old kitchen faucet.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Danze Bellefleur Kitchen Faucets

Danze D454746 Bellefleur Kitchen Faucet With Pull Down Spray Danze Bellefluer Kitchen Faucets take their name from the French word meaning beautiful flower, and it isn't hard to tell why. The slender spout and whimsically curved handle of the Danze D454746 Bellefleur Single Handle High-Rise Kitchen Faucet draw clear inspiration from the finest floral shapes found in nature. A metallic chrome finish shows off the faucet's sleek design, while a two function pull down spout provides the perfect balance of utility and style for today’s kitchens.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Danze Sable Bathroom Faucet: Truly One Of A Kind

If you browse our selection of Danze bathroom faucets you'll come across a number of different models from various collections, some vintage, some contemporary, most displayed in a standard chrome finish. And then there's this...

Danze Sable Bathroom Faucet The Danze Sable Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet is quite literally in a class all by itself. Apart from the Antique Brass, Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rub Bronze (shown here) finish options, there is no "Sable faucet collection" to speak of. This widespread lavatory faucet's fluted design offers a decorative look that is tailor-made for granite countertop application. Click the image above to see more details and finish options (the Antique Brass model is especially popular).

Remember to use coupon code SAVEDANZE for an extra discount on all Danze kitchen and bathroom products.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Danze Sonora Shower Faucet: Sleek Style, Sublime Performance

Danze D504554 Sonora Single Handle Shower Faucet The Danze D504554 Sonora Shower Faucet offers a dynamic design that reflects grace and fluidity. An extended 13" shower arm lets you stand back and enjoy the 36 jets of the lamp-style showerhead, while an anti-scald pressure balance device keeps water temperature within +/- 3 degrees. Choose between Chrome (shown above), Brushed Nickel, and Chrome with Satin Nickel Accents for the look that best fits your bathroom.

Click the image above for more details. Click here to see more Danze Sonora Bathroom Faucets & Accessories.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How To Repair A Dripping Shower Faucet

In this ExpertVillage video James Drew of JNC Home Repair explains and demosntrates how to fix a dripping shower faucet.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

American Standard Responsible Bathroom iPhone App

Just thought I would share this since it ties in with yesterday's post.

"The Responsible Bath is now on your mobile phone! Join American Standard in raising water consciousness and making homes more water friendly. Take the quiz and learn practical ways to save more water on the go. Share information with friends and discover how you too can make your bathroom a responsible bathroom. Together, we can make a difference."
For more info on this new American Standard app click the image above.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Water Saving Toilets From American Standard

One of the best ways to cut back on water consumption is by installing EPA WaterSense certified toilets. American Standard has quite possibly the largest selection of water saving toilets available on the planet. For more information on the latest American Standard toilets watch these videos, and click the links below for a closer look.

American Standard Cadet 3 Toilets
American Standard FloWise Toilets
American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilets

Friday, June 11, 2010

How To Fix Stopped Up Sinks

This video from KlutzGuide demonstrates a simple way to unplug your bathroom and kitchen sinks using nothing more than a plunger and a sponge.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

American Standard Princeton Bathtubs: A Durable & Affordable Alternative To Cast Iron

American Standard Princeton Bathtub The American Standard Princeton Bathroom Collection features some of the most durable and comfortable bathtubs around. With expansive surface areas, beveled headrests, and integral lumbar support these bathtubs provide an easy way to unwind to from the daily grind. Each Princton tub is constructed with Americast Brand Engineed Material, a revolutionary alternative to cast iron that's far more durable and 50% lighter (making installation less expensive).

How can we tell these tubs are so durable? Well, during development each tub undergoes a series of rigorous tests. Take a look at these demonstration videos provided by American Standard.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guest Blog at

Hi everyone, I just contributed a guest post over at

Read Bathroom Fixtures That Will Save Money And The Earth for a list of our favorite water-efficient bathroom faucets.

And be sure to check out the check out the rest of the site, which focuses on architecture, home staging, organization, and decor.

Thanks again for having us, Ronique.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moen ShowHouse Mannerly Faucets

Moen S864NL ShowHouse Mannerly Two Handle Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucet Moen ShowHouse Mannerly Faucets & Accessories are designed to bring vintage styling to your bathroom or powder room. The S864NL ShowHouse Mannerly Two Handle Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucet captures the warmth and sophistication of the romantic periods and combines it with the benefits of today's technology. Guaranteed LifeShine finish, EPA WaterSense approval, a high arc spout, and wall mount installation work together to provide top notch style, convenience, and efficiency. In short, the Mannerly has everything you could ask for in a vintage style faucet.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Danze Bannockburn Bathrooms Are A Transitional Triumph

Danze Bannockburn Bathroom Faucets & Accessories place contemporary curves on otherwise traditionally-shaped bathroom fixtures. The result is a transitional style that reflects refinement and sophistication.

Danze D307556 Bannockburn Two Handle Lavatory Faucet The Danze D307556 Bannockburn Lavatory Faucet offers a traditional two handle design with convenient single hole mounting. A streamlined high rise spout provides smooth contrast to the faucet's ridged base design.

Danze D307756 Bannockburn Roman Tub Faucet With Soft Touch Personal Shower Danze's D307756 Bannockburn Roman Tub Faucet provides the perfect stylistic complement to the lavatory faucet. The included Soft Touch Personal Hand Shower adds extra eye-catching design and contemporary convenience. Both of the above faucets are available in Brushed Nickel, Chrome, or Oil Rub Bronze finish.

Danze D441640 Bannockburn Robe Hook Complete the Bannockburn bathroom set with elegant accessories like the D441640 Robe Hook. Bannockburn bathroom accessories are available in each of the three faucet finishes, plus Distressed Bronze and Distressed Nickel.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Moen Vestige Kitchen Faucet & AquaSuite Water Filter

How's that for a faucet set-up? On display here is the Moen 7068 Vestige Two Handle Kitchen Faucet With Side Spray accompanied by the Moen 77200 AquaSuite Water Filtration System.

The Vestige offers a nostalgic design topped with a finial accent that complements traditional decor, while the AquaSuite provides an added sense of elegance and harmony plus of course all the benefits of an under counter water filtration system. Chome Finishes create bright and reflective surfaces, while High Arc Spouts offer extra clearance space.

Click here to see more Moen Vestige Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets and here for more Moen AquaSuite Water Filter Faucets.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kitchen Solutions By Moen

In these SaturDIY videos by Moen, designer and DIY consultant Martin Amado demonstrates how some minor replacements can give your kitchen a whole new look and feel. Follow the links underneath for a closer look at some of the products used in these light remodeling projects.

Moen Level High Arc Kitchen Faucet
Moen Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks
Moen AquaSuite Water Filter
Pendant Lighting

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Delta Kitchen Faucet Technology Revealed

Here are two videos detailing some of the latest technological innovations from Delta, world-renowned makers of state-of-the-art kitchen faucets.

For a Delta Kitchen Faucet that makes wonderful use of both innovations check out the Delta 980T-DST Pilar Kitchen Faucet.
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