Monday, July 12, 2010

Franke Kitchen Accessories Offer Innovative Organization Methods

When it comes kitchen convenience ready-made for the 21st century, Franke Kitchens Accessories provide what is, without a doubt, one of the most diverse and dependable selections available.

In addition to a wide array of colanders and cutting boards Franke offers dozens of grids, racks, baskets, and drain boards, but that's not all.

Franke AE-MB Storage BinIn today's kitchen organization is everything. The Franke AE-MB Storage Bin is a space-managing accessory that will enhance the convenience factor of any Franke kitchen sink. Ideal for storing sponges, brillo pads, brushes, and other cleaning tools, the bin can be inserted into your countertop for convenient access.

Franke LKS-01 Electronic Stainless Steel Scale Any chef will tell you that using the proper ingredient measurements is key to food preparation. The Franke LKS-01 is a slim, battery operated scale that provides the kind of pinpoint accuracy needed for measuring ingedients. The scale sets into an included stainless steel base and lifts out for easy cleaning. An easy to read LCD window provides measurements in either metric or US standard weight.

Click the images above for more details and check out Franke Active Kitchen Accessories for additional space-management options.

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