Friday, August 13, 2010

Vigo Shower Systems - More Options & Features Than You Can Possibly Imagine

For all the talk we've done this week about Vigo sinks and faucets, would you believe that the company's most popular products are actually shower systems?

Well, it's true. Vigo Shower Doors and Vigo Shower Faucets are among the industry's best. From beautiful glass enclosures to state-of-the-art shower towers, Vigo has everything you need to turn your shower into an elegant in-home retreat.

Vigo VG6031CHCL36R Frameless Round Clear/Chrome Shower Enclosure Vigo's Round Shower Enclosures like the VG6031CHCL36R shown above offer the best in shower design and convenience. This clear, round enclosure will make a stylish addition to any bathroom. Full length clear seals make the shower waterproof where its door and side panel overlap, while specially designed rollers guarantee smooth, effortless opening and closing.

Vigo VG08004 Shower Massage Panel With Digital Thermometer & Spout The Vigo VG08004 Shower Tower includes so many gadgets and goodies it's tough to list them all in one post, but I'll try to cover all the bases.

First off there are six adjustable body spray massage jets.

Next there's an adjustable multi-functional shower head.

Then there's an adjustable multi-functional handshower with sixty inch chrome-plated brass hose.

But perhaps the most impressive feature is the integrated digital thermometer, which comes equipped with a fog-free mirror so you can easily read the exact water temperature no matter how steamy it gets in there.

These are just several of the myriad shower options available from Vigo. If you're looking for a shower enclosure with a different shape or perhaps something a bit larger, that's absolutely no problem. There are literally hundreds of options available to choose from.

Also don't forget to check out our wide selection of Vigo Shower Receptors.

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