Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Kohler Kitchen Island + Entertainment Sink Combo

We gave you a glimpse of the Kohler Iron/Occasions Island Sink last week, but a sink this special certainly deserves its own post, so here it is again.

Kohler K-6417-2 Iron/Occasions Island Integrated Top & Basin With Two-Hole Faucet Drilling The Kohler K-6417-2 Iron/Occasions Island Integrated Top & Basin is both a kitchen island and a vast entertainment sink all in one. A fresh and functional alternative to the average kitchen island, the Iron/Occasions Island is crafted from enviornmentally friendly Cast Iron composed of 93% recycled and reclaimed material. This durable material is built to hold up to the moxt extreme conditions and guaranteed not to chip, crack or burn. Furthermore, its smooth, non-porous enamel surface resists food stains and is incredibly easy to clean.

The Island/Sink comes packaged with two dishwasher-safe cutting boards and a stainless steel drain cover. As always, click the image above for more details.

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